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Bet you thought it was those puppies again, nope.


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Guess what highschool I go to



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x x

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Reblog this and I’ll send u a song that reminds me of u

if u reblog this from me youve given me permission to evaluate you and stereotype u into a song

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My favorite part about this scene, is how sam says it

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Misha Collins Facts!!

-His real name is Dmitri Tippens Krushnic (Misha is just a nickname that just stuck with him)

-Misha came from his mother ex-boyfriend that was Russian

-Collins is his mother’s maiden name

-He’s from Greenfield, Massachusetts

-He married his highschool sweetheart, Victoria, and got custom rings

-Him and his wife deigned and built their home in Los Angeles

-He once spent a few months living in a monastic seclusion in Tibet and was exposed to Buddhist meditation, and to this day still practices

-He started a non-profit organization called Random Acts that encourages people to do nice things others

-The reason why he started Random Acts is because his neighbor would give his mother money to pay for him and his sibling’s Christmas presents, this really impacted his life

-He was also homeless at one point in his life

-He once made a bed from a 300 year old tree that fell in his mother’s yard for his girlfriend

-Most of his furniture in his house is homemade

-He once made a turtle costume for Halloween and the only way he could move around is to crawl on his hands and knees, it was not the great of an experience

-He had two turtles

 -He is a published poet of “Baby Pants” and “Old Bones” and has worked for literary journals like, The Columbia poetry Review

-He has BA in Social Theory

-He once in highschool party and showed up in drag, and no one recognized him

-When he was in highschool he found out that he was very flexible, but later in his life after a bike accident that it was a birth defect that and stretching too much could paralyze him

-He does Tibetan throat singing

-He and his friends once threw a tea party in the middle of a highway, and the cops joined

-He goes to Haiti every year to help build orphanages

-He makes jokes on his FBI background checks

-He interned at the White House during the Clinton Administration

-He stole badges from the White House and made a mobile out of them

-He is a certified lifeguard, EMT, and motorcyclist

-He was once arrested for reading a book on top of a bank because he need better lighting

-He has slept in an igloo

-He originally auditioned to be a demon on Supernatural, but heard about Castiel being an angel and to prepare read the Book of Revolations

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What did he expect lmao

"caresses arm hair seductively"

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